BabylissPro CryoCare The Cold Brush

BabylissPro CryoCare The Cold Brush

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BabylissPro has released a new and innovative way of hydrating, increasing shine, and smoothing your gorgeous locks. BabylissPro's CryoCare Cold Brush is a revolutionary, state-of-the-art styling tool applying cryotherapy benefits to your hair. When applying heat to your hair moisture can be extracted - The Cold Brush adds that moisture right back in, hydrating the hair, improving the look and condition of your hair. The Cold Brush is capable of reaching below-freezing-cold temperature, which results in a transfer of the moisture in the air into the hair shaft, aligning each strand, revitalizing hair, making it softer, smoother, and shinier. 
-  Cryotherapy for stressed hair (increases shine, reduces frizz, increases moisture) 
-  Cold plate down to zero degrees Celsius 
-  Nano-titanium technology 
-  Can be used on wet or dry hair 
-  High-output ion generator 
-  30 minute auto shut off 
-  Removable rear filter 
-  Long 9ft power cord 
-  Automatic dual voltage 
-  Includes travel clutch 
-  Limited 4 year warranty

How to Use: 
-  Wet Hair: Once hair is towel dried, pass The ColdBrush through your hair as you would a regular brush (2-4 passes per section). This will help detangle wet and make hair more manageable - less tension, less breakage. You'll be amazed at the quality and ease of each blowout.
-  Dry Hair: After blow drying the hair, pass The ColdBrush through as you would a regular brush (2-4 passes per section). As the cold plate passes over the hair shafts it will rehydrate, adding moisture back into each strand. The metal bristles help to align the hair resulting in smoother, shinier, healthy looking hair. Run your fingers through to feel the difference in weight and smoothness.
-  Day 2 Hair: For hair that is not clean, pass The ColdBrush through your hair as you would a regular brush (2-4 passes per section), focusing on the roots where buildup usually forms. Allow the cold plates and bristles to break up oils and detangle. Hair feels lighter, cleaner and not weighed down

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